The Third World War is bound to break the Geneva Conventions big time

  • The increasing tensions between the US and China where companies are held hostile on both sides; just look at China’s new IPO regime and the American blacklist of companies active in Xinjiang [both laws are meant to work across borders]
  • The German Lieferkettengesetz [German Supply Chain Law] and planned European Supply Chain Law which directly conflict with local requirements and laws in other countries and hence present a catch-22 and in fact are nothing but [if they really cared about human rights they would stand with Ukraine and cut Russia of from Swift and start trading fairly with Africa among others]
  • The detention of Meng Wangzhu in Canada
  • All those tariffs and trade bans which create nothing but damage as society usually thrives on free trade and the exchange of goods and services
  • The EU’s Green Deal potentially triggering new trade wars [on the back of private companies again]
  • Germany trying to regulate abroad companies like Dubai-based Telegram. Hence they try to apply German laws abroad without a proper international legal basis to do so!
  • All these forced Joint Ventures and other such unfair restrictions in some countries
  • Europe’s desperate attempts to break successful American IT giants and startups with the help of often totally made-up antitrust, consumer and data protection claims, while their very own politics are holding European founders back and their complacency made them miss the train. The latter becomes just so much more obvious when you note how these American/Chinese companies — Amazon, Wish, Tesla, Google, Zoom, TikTok, Robinhood, Alibaba, Box, Airbnb, etc. — all faced huge challenges and powerful competitors when they were small and yet they made it.
  • The EU starting a probe into NVidia's acquisition of ARM Holdings, so a US company buying a UK-based business (UK is no longer part of the EU), which means that the EU takes legal action in a case which is none of their business anymore
  • The global minimum tax debate [the taxes of other countries are none of your business] which is set to violate sovereignty rules of more efficiently led countries who despite their low or inexistent taxes are truly world leading in almost any regard.
  • Banks being under increasing pressure over international investments and transactions [e.g. HSBCs looming break-up over the HK-UK dispute]
  • US currency manipulation allegations which are often not in line with unbiased BIS and IMF analyses
  • The Ukraine and other territorial conflicts which are now lead with economic sanctions
  • Chinas new anti sanction law which allows the punishment of companies who abide bylaws which China doesn’t like even if its outside their territory
  • Russian bots and hackers attacking Western infrastructure [and yes they are more often than not attacking private companies like SolarWinds]
  • More and more unions falling apart [first Brexit, then Switzerland denying to renew EU contracts and then Hungary/Poland breaking away from the rest of the EU]
  • European imperialism which has absolutely no grounding in international law and which is holding companies hostile for following the rules in other countries when they do business there
  • Germany disregarding European law repeatedly and prosecuting companies who try to do business in Germany based on European single market rules [e.g. telecoms and lottery companies]
  • Excessive regulation and governmental power as well as growing legal uncertainty all around the world [governments becoming increasingly authoritarian and hegemonistic -> e.g. forcing private tech companies to help governments with espionage]
  • European bigotry; just look how they are trying to impose morals on others while acting super-shady in so many areas, like African trade policies, themselves. So this is basically the definition of masked economic warfare. Also all their climate change policies have to be considered trade war tools in disguise here.
  • Europe trying to establish a payment system outside SWIFT so they can break international sanctions [ha, now tell me something about morals]
  • The legal issues Twitter faces in India [again a country which with no sound legal basis tries to regulate companies across their own border]
  • Russia, Germany and some Gulf states increasingly using warfare tactics such as blackmailing foreign companies to set up local operations and regional headquarters in their countries
  • Turkey being run into the ground by a narcist who rather accuses foreign financial companies for everything going wrong than admitting mistakes
  • All those desperate and out of control monetary politics [just read what Ray Dalio and other experts are writing about this topic and the rise and fall of empires].
  • And generally speaking the rise of extreme parties and political leaders [e.g. Trump, Le Pen, Lukashenko, Putin, Raisi, Baudet, Biden, and Xi] as well as growing societal divide.



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Markus Wunsch

Markus Wunsch

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