The Third World War is bound to break the Geneva Conventions big time

The growing divide between the East and West as well as growing nationalism, which is shattering the West on top of that, is shocking and truth be told: The world has already entered the Third World War.

The only difference this time is that we don’t see soldiers in the field as this war is an economic and cyber war and in some ways a lot more guerilla-like.

And almost unnoticed all involved countries are currently breaking international law, especially the important Geneva Conventions which forbid to take civil prisoners. Yet the latter is happening constantly by holding multinational corporations and their leaders hostile based on national interests.

Examples include:

  • The increasing tensions between the US and China where companies are held hostile on both sides; just look at China’s new IPO regime and the American blacklist of companies active in Xinjiang [both laws are meant to work across borders]

And there are countless more such examples.

The end-result of this process will be an entirely broken and exhausted society as this sort of war destroys as much if not more than physical military action.

Problematic is that this type of war collides with some of the world’s toughest challenges like climate change, refugee movements, environmental and social concerns as well as expedited vaccination efforts [did you realize how some country leaders discredit WHO-approved vaccines produced by abroad companies or even consider you unvaccinated if you didn’t receive one of their vaccines]. Hence this kind of war drives prejudices and finally the divide of society itself at a time when more unity is desperately needed.

It’s a proven fact that no nation state ever solved a major problem of global concern nor drove major progress and positive change. In fact, often the opposite is true, and nation states have shown to be the root cause of most conflicts and at least made many problems worse which again lies in the system itself.
Also note how almost all progress and positive advancement came from ordinary people, private organizations and grassroot initiatives [e.g. the green movement where politicians only jumped on the bandwagon when things got moving and than made things worse with their inconsistent laws]. Beyond that, the politically-driven regulation of markets [or the absence of free markets] and market interventions in general have overall had more negative than positive effects and even created many of todays issues [e.g. low-interest-rate-induced-issues].
For that and because today’s key challenges are global anyway, it is right to defend globalization and seek to limit nation states to an utmost degree or even better abolish nation states right away in favor of a global, basis-oriented and direct-democratic one under the helm of the UN.

So please, take a moment and think and you’ll realize that the world would be much better off without nation states and national governments!

We are one world and should act like it.

And I can clearly confirm that point as someone who has travelled the world widely, as someone who has done business all over the world, as someone who made friends all around the world of which some even became deep intimate relationships; In short I met many amazing people wherever I went.
Sure I also met some people with whom I didn’t get along but then again it’s the same everywhere and the bad types are usually in the minority.
You meet great and not so great people, some who like you and others who don’t but that is entirely independent from where in the world you are.

The only ones who tried to and continue to divide [both on national and international levels] are actually politicians and government employees.
This needs to end asap.

Again it’s time to end the era of national states and to rebuild a global libertarian order under the helm of the UN where everyone can live life on his/her/their terms.

We are one world and this Third World War worries me - less because of its impact on my business[es], liberties and my own [mental] health but because I left pieces of my heart in so many places around the world.

So let’s start today and abolish all nation states!

#EndNationalStatesNow #GlobalCitizenship #UnitedNations #GenevaConventions #EconomicWarfare #ThirdWorldWar


PS: Given these growing national interests and economic disruptions we at Mount Wish [a risk management fintech which interestingly benefits as much as it suffers from the current situation] have decided to hedge fx, rates and commodity risks for basic food, hygiene and medical products entirely free of charge. This said we are willing to risk governmental disputes over that approach because in our eyes it is totally unacceptable that this uncertainty in the markets increases costs for these types of products in whatever country to prohibitive levels. Therefore we also look forward to working with relevant central banks and international organizations [IMF, BIS and World Bank] on this very topic.

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